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Teaching Art is a daily reminder of how important Art is in the lives of children and in all our lives. I have a credential in Art, an MA in Educational Technology Leadership, a CTE credential in Arts, Media and Entertainment, along with a supplemental credential in Computer Concepts and Applications. I worked in the private sector as a Senior Graphic Designer until I made the transition into teaching full-time. Today, I still freelance as an Artist and Graphic Designer. I have taught all levels of Visual Arts including Digital Arts. With a design background, I have been able to really implement and utilize technology within all my courses and curriculum. I really believe that technology has the power to enhance our learning environments. I have seen how integrating the arts and technology into the classroom allows for student engagement and promotes global communication while enhancing our 21st-century learning environment.

Silbina Lepe Digital Arts Class
Dueling Laptops

Let’s do Art!

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